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The Foot-stomping Adventures of Clementine Sweet

The Foot-stomping Adventures of Clementine Sweet
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The Foot-stomping Adventures of Clementine Sweet

Written by Kitty Griffin and Kathy Combs
Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Clarion Books, 2004
Picture Book, 32 pages
Ages 4–8

Hardcover: 978-0-618-24746-2

Awards & Good Things

  • A Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Book

Book Description

This here’s the story of the meanest, most ornery and pugnacious, pigtail-wearing, pint-sized person in the whole entire Texas Hill Country, and how she saved the town of Lovett from getting blown clear off the map. But most of all, this is a story about a little gal who just got plumb tired of being forgotten about, and how she finally discovered a way to get noticed that made her happy instead of mad…and how she made other people happy, too. Clementine Sweet’s frustrations and triumphs will enthrall little cowgirls and cowboys everywhere.


“… a rollicking original tall tale.”

Bank Street College of Education

“… a tale that will make them smile.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The book makes for a great read-aloud as the text features lots of alliteration and hyperbole. The full-color illustrations add to the humor of the story, bringing the kooky characters to life. The book has no big moral or lesson to learn and is just plain old fun. ”

Children’s Literature

“… the humor and spirit of a modern-day tall tale. Wohnoutka’s acrylic illustrations provide a sunny landscape and a pugnacious heroine seen from a variety of amusing perspectives. Used as an introduction to the tall-tale genre or for just plain fun, this will be an energetic addition to storytimes.”

School Library Journal

“this has the allure of a tall tale, and Wohnoutka’s boisterous, oversize artwork has a comic look, especially when he uses unusual perspectives (with feet often in the forefront). Children looking for a heroine who takes matters into her own hands—make that feet, too—will find her here.”


“The illustrations are drawn in a unique perspective and are colorful and lively. The illustrations and text will entertain young children each time they open this book.”

Oneota Reading Journal