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When the Wizzy Foot Goes Walking …

When the Wizzy Foot Goes Walking
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When the Wizzy Foot Goes Walking …

Written by Roni Schotter
Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Dutton Children’s Books, 2007
Picture Book, 32 pages
Ages 2–6

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-525-47791-4

Book Description

Early every morning, the Wizzy Foot rises and goes walking. Floors shake, buildings quake. Soon, like it or not, the whole family’s awake! Whether jumping into its parents’ bed, stomping into the kitchen for breakfast, or splashing outside, the Wizzy Foot is busy making noise and having fun all the day long!

Initial Sketches

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“… perfect for read-alouds or library programs in which children can act out the parts. The artwork is truly inspired. Wohnoutka’s exuberant child parades through the text, his actions huge and filling up the brightly colored pages. The facial expressions are spot-on, from the dismay of the parents who are attempting to get some work done, to their obvious joy in playing with their children. This is a loving tribute to the wild WIZZY FOOT in every child, sure to bring a smile to parents’ lips … as long as their own is safely tucked into bed.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The bold palette of the illustrations energizes the story, making it a multi-sensory experience. This book would be a good addition to a preschool, an early elementary reading program or a lesson based on learning parts of the body.”

Children's Literature

“Wohnoutka’s boldly painted illustrations are full of motion and fit the story well. A mix of full-bleed spreads and spot illustrations adds movement to the plot and encourages page turns.”

School Library Journal