About Mike's school visits


I have to admit I was a trouble maker when I was in grade school (principals still make me nervous). Even so, I still love visiting schools and talking to students about illustrating and writing books! My Power Point presentation includes samples of how I create a children’s book from initial concept sketches to the final paintings.  I also share personal stories from my earliest inspirations (teachers), to becoming an illustrator and writer, to the joys and challenges of my latest projects.  I talk about where my ideas come from and show examples of my creative process when working on a book.  After my presentation I will do some drawing demonstrations.  This is a fun, interactive session with the students that I really enjoy.  I will sign and donate the drawings to the school.

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Session Length

My presentation lengths are: 50-55 minutes for 2nd - 8th Grade and 35-40 minutes for PreK - 1st Grade.
I can give up to three presentations a day.
Session size can vary from 20 to 250 students.
Please allow at least 10 minutes between sessions.


Grade Level

Pre-K through 8th grade.



 ~ A screen or white wall, in a room that can get fairly dark, for my Power Point presentation.

 ~ An A.V. cart or a small table for my laptop and projector.

 I will bring everything else I need!



I've had many absolutely wonderful school visits. Here are a few things that I think make

them successful.

 ~ Familiarize the students with my books before my visit.

 ~ Try not to have different grade levels in a session.  Of course 2nd and 3rd is fine, but maybe not 1st and 5th. I try to gear each presentation to the specific grade level.

 ~ Let your students know about my website.  They can see all my books and the many other projects I’ve worked on.

 ~ The room I’ll be presenting in should be one that can get fairly dark for the PowerPoint.  Please try and have all sessions in one designated room.  Libraries are my favorite; it's always great to be surrounded by books!


For availability or any questions please contact me at:

612-729-8631 or mwtka@yahoo.com

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